Human Rights & Judicial Review

The Human Rights Act 1998 was established to protect your basic and fundamental rights. 

What are my Human Rights?

Some of your Human Rights include: 

  • Your basic right to a family life must be protected. 
  • Your basic right to a fair trial should always be ensured. 
  • Your basic right to freedom from inhumane or degrading treatment.
  • Your basic right to private and family life. 

There are so many more Human Rights that you as a person are entitled too. We help our clients achieve these through the Court system with a dedicated and compassionate approach. You will get our undivided attention. We work tirelessly to help our clients ensure that their rights are not breached or if they are that the appropriate recourse is sought.  

We have experience in taking cases to the High Court, Divisional Court and Supreme Court UK.

Our Jemma Conlon, Senior Solicitor is currently running one of the largest ever Judicial Reviews in Northern Ireland concerning the Article 3 and 8 Rights of our clients. This has received widespread International Media coverage. We also attended the Supreme Court in this matter in 2017.